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Mahjong Mix

Mahjong Mix is ​​a crazy mix of “normal”, classic Mahjong, “10 Mahjong”, “Slide” version and “triple Mahjong”.
Without a doubt, a fantastic gift for all fans of this amazing solitaire game!

How to play

Clear the playing field of all tiles. To do this, find and match identical tiles in pairs. If they match, they are automatically removed from the game.
Attention: only free tiles can be used. A tile is considered free if access to it is not blocked by other tiles and at least one side, left or right, is open.
Also, when connecting two tiles, the path between them should not create more than two corners.
After passing the first level, which is limited by time, you will find new, grandiose levels that differ from the classic Mahjong. This is a nice bonus from the creators, which is worth it to complete the game.
Good luck!