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Mahjong 8

Mahjong 8 is the real gold of the Mahjong collection. This is a classic version that uses traditional Chinese symbols and suits. There are 60 levels in the game, which only the most attentive and patient can pass.

How to play

In each level on the field there will be a construction of mahjong tiles with various patterns applied to them. The player’s goal is to find and match identical tiles to each other and get points for this. Discovered tiles are automatically removed from the playing field, revealing other tiles located below them. The round is considered completed when the field is cleared of all chips.
To help the players and for their convenience, there are several buttons on the left side of the screen:
• “Pause”. Takes a break from playing.
• “Full Screen”. Expands the game to full screen.
• “Sound”. Disables music and background sounds in the game.
• “Stirring”. Mixes all the chips by swapping the places of the open and closed elements.
• “Clue”. Shows the location of identical tiles.
• “Reset”. Resets the result and starts the round again.
Mahjong 8 is available online! Join us!