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Mahjong Dutch

Start your journey through the fascinating world of Mahjong with the game Mahjong Dutch (Hollandaise). It has many advantages – an eye-pleasing design, high-quality drawing of pictures, an interface that is not overloaded with unnecessary elements, and an addictive gameplay that is addictive from the first seconds. In general, it is impossible to tear yourself away!

How to play

At the first level of the game, 44 rectangular pieces are waiting for you, which depict hieroglyphs, birds and flowers. To complete the round, you need to match a pair of each tile. As soon as the chips are connected, they will automatically disappear. This task is given only 7 minutes.
Important: the connection line between two pieces cannot form more than 2 corners. Also, before choosing an element, make sure that there is an approach to it and that it is not blocked by other details at least from three sides.
A round is considered completed when there are no chips left on the playing field.