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Mahjong Titan Classic

Enjoy the classics of Mahjong in a new version of this worldwide popular solitaire game with Mahjong Titan Classic. It uses traditional Chinese Mahjong suits – bamboo, pillboxes, signs, winds, dragons, flowers and seasons. Symbols preserve the unique spirit of this game, allowing each player to touch the unique oriental atmosphere.

How to play

There is no timeline in this version. Therefore, you can relax to the fullest, playing at your own pace. The goal of Mahjong solitaire is always the same – to disassemble the construction of the dice by pairing all identical symbols. Identical pairs are automatically removed from the field, opening up access to the knuckles locked inside the layout.
Helpful hint: since there is no time in the game, take your time and think about every step and every combination you create. Think carefully about which pair is better to connect, so that by the end of the level it does not happen so that access to the key chips, without which it is impossible to make out the alignment, is blocked.
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