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Mahjong Titans Com

Mahjong Titans Com

In Mahjong Titans Com you have to create pairs of tiles with the same symbols for a while and clear the playing field from them. At the beginning of the game, interactive training is conducted that will help you understand all the nuances and become a Mahjong Winner.

Mahjong Titans Com is a traditional puzzle game that makes you activate your thinking and logic. Combine identical blocks in the game and win.

How to play

The participant has blocks on the game board that are located on several levels.

The main task of the player is to free the field from the tiles. To do this, you should choose pairs of tiles with identical images.

Click on the active tiles and remove them from the board. Only blocks that are not blocked by other elements and have a free right or left side can be paired. If the pairing is correct, the tiles will disappear and open access to other blocks.

There are several groups of symbols in the list: hieroglyphs, combinations of circles, and bamboo sticks. You can also pair themed symbols, such as people or flowers.

Go for it! Only those who are not afraid of difficulties achieve success!