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Mahjong Frenzy 2

Mahjong Frenzy 2

Mahjong Frenzy is an addictive oriental puzzle game. Disassemble the tiles and get the maximum number of points.

The objective of the game is to clear the board of tiles. To do this, select identical elements on the board and click on them. You can only use active tiles, that is, those that are highlighted with light and not blocked by other cubes. In each level, you need to get the specified number of points to advance to the next level.

The faster the player clicks on identical pairs of tiles, the more points they will get for the game. Additionally, the participant receives a bonus for the connected tiles. At the end of the level, the result of the game is shown on the screen – the time and the number of points.

Additional bonuses are available to the player. The doubling icon can be used. To double the points earned in 20 seconds. The arrow speeds up the multiplication scale several times within 15 seconds. The bomb destroys 5 pairs of tiles on the top level.

You can spend the money in the game store. You can also buy a new character for a fee: a girl, a boy, a samurai, a Chinese cat, and others. You can also buy new themes for the tiles in this section.

Successfully match identical tiles and solve puzzles of each level. Return to the game every day to get rewards and unlock new challenges and tasks.