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Mahjong 10

Mahjong 10

Discover the wonderful world of oriental games with Mahjong 10 Solitaire. This is an amazing puzzle game, the rules of which are simple, but the gameplay is fun and interesting.

To win, you need to remove all Mahjong tiles by grouping 2 identical tiles so that they form a group of 10 tiles. Only tiles that have at least one free (left or right) side and are not covered by other tiles can be connected to each other.

Mahjong 10 is an original puzzle game reminiscent of classic Chinese solitaire. It requires not only collecting identical blocks but also performing simple mathematical calculations.

How to play

Tiles with various symbols and numerical values are located on the field in a number of levels. The player’s task is to free the field. To do this, select identical tiles to make them disappear. Blocks with numbers should be paired so that the sum of their values is 10. You can choose blocks that have a free left or right side.

The participant has a limited time to solve the puzzle, which is easily tracked on the timer on the screen. The player can use additional options. Shuffle the tiles by clicking on the arrow. Click on the question mark to get a hint.

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