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Mahjong Artifacts 2

When adventure calls, they cannot be denied! So hurry up and launch Mahjong Artifacts 2 and start your journey around the world right now! But remember that the beauty of different countries and their attractions are not the main goal in this puzzle. Your mission is much more important – to find unique artifacts and show them to the whole world!

How to play

Before you is an unusual design, assembled from chips with images printed on them. You need to connect two identical pieces with each other and thus remove them from the playing field.
But in the course of the game, you will encounter the fact that some of the chips cannot be selected, since they are blocked by others. Free the loose tiles and when they self-destruct, you will have access to the lower and blocked structural elements. If you have difficulty finding twin chips, then use the hint buttons. They are located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
Good luck!