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Celtic Mahjong

Celtic Mahjong is one of the interpretations of the popular oriental game Mahjong, where traditional Chinese characters and suits are replaced with patterns and runes of the ancient Celts. This exciting game will cheer you up, give a sea of ​​emotions, entertain and help you to relax after a busy day, during a work break or just during a break. And the main thing is that you don’t need to download it, download it and then install it. You can play Celtic Mahjong online. Join us!

How to play

Find two identical Celtic symbols, click first on one, then on the other. If the tiles are identical, they will be automatically removed from the layout. To complete the level, you need to clear the entire playing field of tiles. Each level is given 5 minutes of time and 9 bonus options:
β€’ 3 mixing options. Mix all the tiles together.
β€’ 3 options for canceling. Undo the previous move and return the removed tiles to their original place.
β€’ 3 tips. Shows the location of two identical tiles.
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