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Butterfly Mahjong Classic

The legendary Chinese puzzle game Mahjong is reborn in a new format! This time, instead of traditional hieroglyphs and pictograms with flowers, there are amazingly beautiful butterflies of all colors of the rainbow, which are waiting for their saviors in Butterfly Mahjong Classic. On their wings, they will bring victory to everyone who shows patience, attentiveness and sleight of hand.

How to play

In Butterfly Mahjong Classic you need to find the same wing halves for each butterfly. If they fit together, then the exotic beauty will fly up and fly away. But it is definitely not worth hesitating and thinking too long: the life of these graceful creatures is very short. And if you do not have time to free them all in the allotted amount of time, the butterflies will remain in captivity, which for them is tantamount to death.
 Butterflies can only be connected with a straight line, which forms no more than two corners.
Also, fluttering beauties should not be surrounded on all sides by their girlfriends.
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