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Mahjong Escape

Mahjong Escape

Mahjong Escape is a Chinese domino, the goal of which is to create a pair of chips with the same pattern. You can only select chips that are free on at least one side. Once detected, the tiles will automatically disappear from the field. The level is considered passed when there are no details left on the field.

Mahjong Escape is a puzzle game for all fans of intellectual games and those who are ready to test their logic and attentiveness. Choose pairs of tiles and clear the board.

How to play

At the beginning of the game, choose the configuration of the playing blocks on the board. The game has 30 different puzzle variants.
Combine identical blocks that have a free right or left side and get points on your score. Additionally, there is a timer that counts the time spent on solving the puzzle.

Additional options

On the right side of the screen are keys that offer additional features. Click on the arrow to cancel the previous move. The points will be deducted from your score. Two arrows indicate the option to shuffle all the blocks on the board.

If you need a hint, click on the light bulb. The circle arrow helps you shuffle the blocks on the same level.

Start the online game Mahjong Escape right now and plunge into the wonderful world of board games of the East!