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Mahjong Butterfly 2

Mahjong Butterfly 2 is a vibrant online Mahjong game about beautiful and amazing butterflies. Many different levels, addictive gameplay and a lot of fun are waiting for you. Don’t pass by!

How to play

The game board is filled with dozens of variegated wings, each of which you need to find its own pair. Connect the same wings with a line, just do not forget that it should form no more than two corners. If the wings fit together, they connect and turn into a butterfly. The winged flower rises into the air and flies away. The level is considered completed when there are no butterflies left on the playing field.
Points are awarded for each butterfly. There is a time indicator at the top of the screen. Act quickly and clearly, otherwise the allotted minutes will not be enough to complete the level and you will have to start over.