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Elite Mahjong

Discover the amazing world of Mahjong with Elite Mahjong. This is one of the interpretations of the famous puzzle from China, which develops strategic thinking skills, attentiveness and ingenuity, and also perfectly relaxes and allows you to get rid of accumulated stress.

How to play

There is nothing complicated in the rules of the game! Just connect tiles with the same symbols to each other and remove them from the structure. Not a single detail should remain on the field – it is then that the level will be considered complete and access to a new, more difficult and interesting round will open.
 If you need help finding the item you want, press the HINT button at the very top of the screen. The tooltip will show you a pair of matching tiles and help you progress in the game.
There is no game counter in this version of Mahjong. Therefore, you can independently choose a pace that is comfortable for yourself and not rush anywhere.
Have a nice and productive game!