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Luxor Mahjong

Luxor Mahjong

The playing field of Luxor mahjong solitaire is filled with chips with Egyptian-themed drawings on them. To pass the level, you need to find a pair of twin elements and click on them with the mouse. It is important to do this quickly, as the round time is limited.

Luxor Mahjong is a traditional puzzle game for all fans of intellectual games. Find identical blocks and combine them to clear the board of all the elements as quickly as possible.

How to play

Travel to Ancient Egypt and collect pairs of identical symbols on the board. The blocks are arranged in several levels in front of the player. Use active tiles, i.e. those that are open from above and have an open left or right side.

If the pair is chosen correctly, the tiles will disappear from the screen and open access to other blocks. In the case of villas, the essences of the available moves will automatically shuffle.

The screen shows the status of your account and the number of available moves on the board at any given time. Use the tooltip that appears on the screen from time to time. The system will automatically perform the available move.

Set yourself the task of completing the game to the end, think like a strategist, and you will definitely succeed! After all, there is no more reward than satisfaction from a fulfilled goal!