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Mahjong Pyramids

Mahjong Pyramids

The theme of Egypt and the pyramids has reached the legendary Chinese puzzle Mahjong! Connoisseurs of the ancient world civilization will be delighted with the traditional symbols inherent in Mahjong Pyramids, which need to be combined with each other, and will not remain indifferent to the colorful music and high-quality game background. Each new level is fraught with mysteries and surprises.

Mahjong Pyramids is a classic puzzle game for those who love intellectual games. Match the tiles of an ancient pyramid and complete all levels of the game as quickly as possible.

How to play

Choose a level of the game and solve the puzzle. The tiles are arranged in several levels of pyramids. Choose active blocks that are open on the right or left side. To make the blocks disappear from the playing field, select elements with identical images.

The screen also has a counter of points earned for each successful move. The scale in the upper corner is constantly moving and shows the amount of time left to solve the puzzle. The upper block shows the number of available moves.

The player gets additional bonuses and boosters. Click on the automatic move to have pairs of tiles matched by the system.

Therefore, hurry up to learn the secrets of the Egyptian Kingdom online!