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Onet Connect

Onet Connect

Onet Connect is a fun online puzzle game inspired by the iconic Chinese game Mahjong. Despite the childish cartoon design, the game will be interesting for adults too.

You have 5 minutes and 8 tips to complete each level. Within the allotted time, you need to completely clear the playing space from cubes with animal faces located on it. Find a pair of identical pictures, click first on one cube, then on the other. If they fit together, they will disappear from the screen, opening access to other cubes locked inside the giant block. The level is considered passed when there are no cubes left on the playing field.

Onet Connect is a solitaire game similar to Chinese puzzles. Search for identical pieces and free the board from all the blocks. The game is available in 10 languages, and the player can choose the theme of the images on the blocks: sweets, animals, fruits.

Rules of the game

The tiles are arranged in columns of several rows. The player’s task is to find pairs of identical blocks to remove them from the board. Only those elements that share a common side or a line with no more than two turns can be combined. Pairs of tiles must be identical.

Bonuses and options

The player must have time to clear the playing field within the time specified on the timer. The remaining time adds bonus points to the account. For help, use the magnifying glass icon, which opens the available move. The two arrows symbol will come in handy when you run out of available moves. The tiles will shuffle and change their position. Keep playing and get the maximum score in each level.