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Mahjong Fortuna 2

Catch your luck by the tail in the popular online game Mahjong Fortuna 2. This puzzle is about the amazing science of astrology and the zodiacal constellations. Unravel all the mysteries of the night sky!

How to play

Already at the first level, it becomes clear that this version of the game is not an easy one. To go further and discover a new alignment, you need to think well and show all your skills – from logic and attentiveness to quick-wittedness and strategic thinking. The task is as follows – to find two identical signs of the zodiac, click on them and remove them from the layout. The level is considered passed when there is no detail left on the playing field, and there is still time on the scale at the bottom of the screen.
There will be hints to help you pass the level:
• HINT — shows the location of two identical tokens.
• SHUFFLE – shuffles all the pieces together, opens up new moves and combinations.
Each call to the tips takes time. So only use them if absolutely necessary. Good luck!