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Mahjong Dynasty

Mahjong Dynasty

Mahjong Dynasty is a Chinese logic and mindfulness gambling game that is available online. The goal of any Mahjong game is to connect a pair of tiles with the same symbols and thereby clear the playing field of them.

In this version you will have helpers: hint options that show where the necessary pieces of solitaire are hiding, remove one pair of tiles or change all tiles to new ones.

Mahjong Dynasty is a puzzle game that reveals the secrets of oriental culture. Travelling around Asia, passing through the locations of the colourful map and win each level.

How to play

The player’s task is to free the board from the blocks. Pair identical blocks that have a free left or right side and are not blocked by other elements on top. All successful moves allow you to fill the scale. The higher the score, the more stars the player gets. The maximum number of stars is three for each level completed.

Tips in the game

For successfully completed levels, the player receives hints and boosters. There are icons on the left side of the board to help you solve difficult situations. If it is difficult to find the next move, click on the light bulb and a pair of blocks will be highlighted.

The eye symbol will highlight only the active tiles on the board, making it easier to find the next pair of blocks. The sword destroys blocks on the same level. Two arrows allow you to shuffle the blocks and open new combinations. Click on the single arrow to cancel the previous move.

Unlimited time

The time to complete the level is not limited! Play as much as you wish!