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Summer Mahjong 247

Summer Mahjong 247 is a popular online game that will appeal to fans of the original Mahjong, connect and puzzle genres. Indeed, despite such a “summer”, frivolous name, the players are waiting for difficult levels where you will need to think and be attentive to details.

How to play

To pass the level, you need to clear the playing field from the chips, connecting the same ones with each other. The formed pairs will self-destruct, revealing other tiles located under them.
If you get stuck and cannot find a suitable item, use the hints on the left side of the screen. These are the HINT buttons (shows the location of twin chips) and SHUFFLE (shuffles all the chips on the field).
The time to complete the level is not limited. But there is a counter in the lower right corner that records how quickly you completed the level. The best results remain in the achievement table. Enter your name there too!