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Vegetables Mahjong Connect

Vegetables Mahjong Connect

Vegetables Mahjong Connect is an awesome online connect puzzle game about delicious ripe, crispy and fresh vegetables! Players will appreciate the bright and tasty design, as well as high-quality drawing of details. The vegetables are depicted so realistically that you just want to gobble them up immediately!

To complete a level, you need to remove two identical vegetables at a time. You need to have time to do this in a certain amount of time. There are hint buttons at the top of the screen. Use them if you can’t find pictures that match each other.

Vegetables Mahjong Connect is a traditional solitaire puzzle game with a vegetable theme. Collect identical blocks and clear the board to unlock the next level of the game.

How to play

The tiles are arranged on the board in several rows and columns. Choose the same elements that share a common side or between which you can draw a line with two turns and no more. Such pairs will disappear and open access to the next elements.

The participant has a certain amount of time to play, which is limited by the timer at the top of the screen. The time increases depending on the difficulty of the level. For each pair, the participant receives points on the account. If the player manages to free the field from the tiles, the next level of the game will open.

Bonuses and rewards

Each found pair of tiles gives the player stars on the account. Additionally, there are icons available on the screen that can be used to help you play the game. Crossed arrows allow you to shuffle all the elements and open new moves. Click on the light bulb to get a hint – highlight the available pair of identical blocks. The number of hints is limited.

Enjoy the game!