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Mahjong Kitchen 2

Mahjong Kitchen 2

Your cafe needs to be developed and improved in Mahjong Kitchen 2 game. Improve the rating of your establishment. To do this, click on the recipe book and follow the prompts on the screen.

How to play Mahjong Kitchen 2

In the menu list, open all the categories in turn: drinks, salads, soups, meat dishes. Complete the game levels and add to your cafe menu.

Open all the items in each section and expand the menu of your restaurant. To complete a level, you need to disassemble all the tiles on the playing field. Select the tiles with the same elements and click on them. You can only choose free tiles that are open on both sides and not blocked from above. Collect the specified amount of fruits, vegetables or other ingredients and get rewarded with coins. Use gold coins. To open access to the next level.

Use the hints to make complex combinations. Select the appropriate images on the right. Click on the lamp when you need to highlight all the free elements on the playing field. Click on the match to highlight an available move. The whisk will help you mix all the tiles if there are no available moves left.

When several positions are opened, the player receives an order for drinks or food. You can prepare meals and get a cash reward by completing puzzles with colorful elements.

Enjoy colorful graphics and clear tasks. Play the game and improve the menu of your restaurant and get the highest ratings from visitors.