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Mahjong Frenzy

Mahjong Frenzy

Mahjong Frenzy is a simple yet addicting online connect puzzle game based on the traditional Chinese board game Mahjong. In it you need to find twin chips, connect them with each other and remove the created pair from the playing space. The level is considered completed when there are no tiles left on the field.

Mahjong Frenzy is a great game for fans of intellectual games, classic puzzles and solitaire. Remove the blocks from the game board and complete all levels of the game.

Play every day and get a bonus every day. To do this, spin the wheel and get the amount of money that will be automatically selected.

How to play

Collect identical tiles in pairs to make them disappear from the playing field. Only active tiles, i.e. those that are not locked and have a free right or left side, take part in the game. They are highlighted on the playing field.

At each level, the player receives a task – to get a certain number of points. To do this, perform moves as quickly as possible with minimal pauses between them so that you can multiply the result several times. You can track the increase on the scale at the top of the screen.