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Mahjong Connect 3D

Mahjong Connect 3D

Mahjong Connect 3D is a non-standard interpretation of the famous puzzle, in which tiles are made in three-dimensional graphics. You can turn the structure in any direction in order to quickly find the necessary chips and connect them with each other.

Use the hints, enjoy the gameplay and savor every find you find. But do not delay too much: the time to complete the round is limited.

Mahjong Connect 3D is a colourful puzzle game in 3D format. The playing field is represented by a large cube, which consists of smaller cubes with different images. The player’s task is to disassemble the construction to the last cube.

How to play

Choose blocks that have identical images and click on them. Only those cubes that have two sides free and are not blocked by others can be paired.

The time to solve the puzzle is limited by the timer at the bottom of the screen. Match the cubes and get a reward for each pair. Scroll the cubes left and right by swiping the screen to see all the elements.

Upon completion of the level, the player receives a reward in the form of hints. Click on the hints if you need help. The next move will be highlighted.