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Mahjong Connect 2

Get to know Zen with Mahjong Connect 2, an addicting puzzle game that will definitely keep you busy! This addicting game is based on the legendary Chinese Mahjong Solitaire. The same hieroglyphs on the tiles, the same charm and charm of the East, and the same rules of the game for one person.

How to play

The goal of Mahjong is to clear the playing field of all the details within the allotted amount of time. To do this, find two tokens with the same symbols, click on them one by one and watch them disappear automatically. The following hint buttons are located on the right side of the screen:
• “Sword” – removes a pair of identical tokens.
• “Hourglass” – shows where the chip is located, which can be matched.
• “Cannon” – removes three tokens at once.
• “Arrows” – shuffle all the details on the field.
• “Telescope” – reveals the location of two identical symbols.
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