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Free Mahjong Solitaire Classic

Free Mahjong Solitaire Classic

Free Mahjong Solitaire Classic is a bright continuation of the classic puzzle game. The new version of the game offers more than 135 new puzzles with extraordinary challenges.

There are tiles with different images on the game board. The player’s task is to solve the puzzle and free all the tiles. To do this, select pairs of identical elements. Click on identical cubes and get points on your score. Only free tiles that are not blocked from the top or sides can be combined. The participant receives 100 points for a successful pair.

You can use boosters to make the game easier and in complex combinations. Click on the light bulb symbol to get a hint. The available pair of tiles will be highlighted. The arrow button shuffles all the elements on the board. The circular arrow allows you to cancel the last move. The magnifying glass icon shows all the tiles that can be combined.

The player has a limited amount of time to solve the puzzle. Counters show the number of moves available and the number of pairs of tiles collected.
Each level differs in complexity and arrangement of elements.

There are two designs to choose from – wooden and ivory. Enjoy the game for relaxation and a traditional soundtrack for a great game. Set your own records on each level.