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Mahjong at Home Xmas Edition

Mahjong at Home Xmas Edition

Mahjong at Home Xmas Edition is a popular Christmas-themed puzzle game. Solve oriental riddles and get rewards at every stage of the game.

Player has tiles with images of oriental symbols, hieroglyphs and drawings on the playing field. The main task is to free the field from the cubes. To do this, select free tiles and pair them. You can only click on active tiles, that is, those that are not blocked by other elements. Free tiles are highlighted, which makes it easier for the player.

Among the tiles are elements with images of plants and other thematic drawings. They can be combined into pairs, even if the images on them are not identical.
A timer can be tracked on the screen, which indicates the time spent on solving the puzzle. In addition, the player can track the number of tiles that need to be disassembled. The counter also indicates the number of available moves in the game. If it is difficult to find the next move, use the hint. Click on the button with a magnifying glass and get help. The available pair of tiles will be highlighted.

Complete all levels and open the next sections. The tiles here are arranged in the form of various symbols: letters, zodiac signs, plants, buildings, and more.
Choose a daily or themed game mode. Open challenges every day or complete themed puzzles and get new tasks.