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Mahjong Connect HD

Mahjong Connect HD

Mahjong Connect HD is an extraordinary Chinese puzzle game that is modeled after the popular oriental board game. Stack identical tiles and get the maximum number of points on your score. The game develops perseverance, attention, and thinking. Create your own strategy to solve the most ancient puzzles.

How to play Mahjong Connect HD

There are tiles with Chinese characters, bamboo sticks, and other images on the board. The goal of the game is to destroy all the tiles and clear the board. To do this, you should choose two identical tiles. Not all elements can be combined. Click only on the ones that are next to each other, or choose a pair between which you can draw a conditional line with no more than two right angles.

To complete the task, the player has a certain amount of time, which is shown on the scale below. The time runs out if the participant does not find the next pairs of dice. As soon as the move is successful, the scale is replenished. Successful pairs of tiles bring points to the player’s account.

If it is difficult to find the next moves, use the hints. To do this, click on the light bulb image at the bottom of the screen. A number next to the image indicates the number of available hints.

Complete all levels and get a record amount of points on your account. Set records or organize competitions with your friends.