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Mahjong Jungle Connect

Mahjong Jungle Connect is a bright connect puzzle game based on the popular board game Mahjong. In this version, wild animals that live in the tropical jungle await you. And they really, really need your help!
Do not pass by – help the little animals in their desires! And they will definitely thank you!

How to play

You need to find a pair for each animal on the dice. The same kind as them. The gorilla needs to be introduced to the gorilla, the bear to the bear, and the dinosaur, respectively, to the dinosaur. Yes, there are even extinct species in this jungle! After all, they are magical.
You can only connect free cubes that have no neighbors on at least two sides. Get to all the cubes, even the ones in the middle of the structure, and finish the level before the time runs out!
The jungle is calling!