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Gorillaz Mahjong

Gorillaz Mahjong is a unique version of the classic Mahjong solitaire game that is strikingly different from all games in its genre. If you like original and unusual puzzles, then this one will definitely suit your taste and will captivate you for a long time!

How to play

Unlike traditional Mahjong, where you have to search and connect two identical tiles that can be located at a distance from each other, in Gorillaz Mahjong the tiles must be adjacent and form a combination horizontally or vertically. The task is as follows – just click with the mouse button on groups of two or more identical chips so that they are automatically removed from the layout.
The game is played for points. By the end of the level, it may happen that there are no moves left and you will find yourself in a dead end. Therefore, you need to carefully think over your every step. Moreover, there are no tips in the game.
The levels are not limited in time – enjoy the gameplay to the maximum and take your time!
Good game!