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Butterfly Connect

Butterfly Connect

Butterfly Connect is a puzzle game for anyone who is ready to take on a challenge and complete tasks quickly. Match pairs of wings and enjoy the colorful flight of butterflies.

How to play Butterfly Connect

There are tiles on the board with the image of half butterfly wings. The player’s task is to click on a pair of identical wings. If the halves are selected correctly, the butterfly flies away. Thus, after collecting all the elements, the participant will be able to clear the field and move on to the next level.

Choose tiles that have the same image and are located next to each other or between them you can draw a line with no more than two right angles.

You need to free all the butterflies within a certain period of time. Keep track of the time on the scale. You can use the bonus options and freeze the scale for a certain period. Hints are also available. Just click on the magnifying glass icon and a pair of wings will be highlighted.

When all the available moves are over, click on the arrow icon and shuffle all the elements to get new combinations.

Earn stars and open a store. In a separate section, you can add a new wing design and change the background of the playing field.

Connect identical wings and release butterflies. Enjoy the fabulous flight of colorful insects and train your mindfulness and logic while solving the puzzle.