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Kids Mahjong

Kids Mahjong

Kids Mahjong is an entertaining connect puzzle game dedicated to children’s toys. This bright game will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults who are not averse to going back to the most carefree time of their lives.

To pass the level, click on the same pictures and clear the playing field from them. You will have 3 minutes of time and a few tips that will be important to use wisely.

Kids Mahjong is a puzzle game for young players with rules reminiscent of a Chinese puzzle. The game’s special feature is the design of the playing tiles. Each element depicts toys: cars, pyramids, dolls, balls, and more.

How to play

Tiles are arranged in rows on the playing field. The configuration changes at each level. The player’s task is to collect the tiles in pairs and clear the playing field. Click on the same cubes and they will disappear. Only tiles that are adjacent and share a common side or those between which you can draw a line with no more than two right angles can be combined.

Timer and bonuses

There is a timer on the screen that counts down the time allocated for the game. If the player manages to solve the puzzle within the specified time, additional bonus points will appear on the account. As a reward, participants can receive hints.
Complete all levels of the game and set a record score.

Good luck!