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Mahjong Deluxe

Mahjong Deluxe

Show your skills in the addicting online puzzle game Mahjong Deluxe html5! After all, this is an amazing game that challenges your strategic thinking, logic skills and ingenuity. Choose the difficulty level – easy, medium or hard. And join the ranks of those who conquered Mahjong – the legendary domino that is played all over China!

How to play

There are 50 levels in the game in total. You can independently adjust their complexity and choose the optimal mode for yourself. Find two identical pieces, and then alternately click on one and then on the other. If the tiles match each other, they will automatically disappear. The level is considered passed when there are no chips left on the playing field.

Mahjong Deluxe is a solitaire game that gives you a great mood, relaxation and a good time. Stack the tiles and free all the pieces from the board.

Rules of the game

There are options for the player to arrange the tiles. Each of them indicates the level of solitaire: easy, medium, difficult. Choose a configuration and start playing. There are tiles with different images on the board. Click on the elements with identical symbols. You can combine blocks that are open on both sides. If the pair is chosen correctly, they will disappear.

There is a counter on the screen for the number of pairs of tiles that remain to be found.


There is a timer in front of the player. If the player solves the solitaire as quickly as possible, they will receive an additional time bonus. In difficult situations, choose a hint that will highlight two identical tiles. If there are no moves left, shuffle the tiles by clicking the appropriate option.

Enjoy the game!