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Mahjong Quest

If you like to complete quests and rely on logic rather than emotions in difficult situations, then you are in the right place! Welcome to the fantastic online puzzle game Mahjong Quest! This is not just one of the variations of Chinese Mahjong Solitaire, but a whole adventure in which you have to complete levels against the clock, get medals, earn points and buy tools.
All in all, an incredible trip!

How to play

The task is difficult – remove all tiles from the board in pairs, highlighting each of the same elements and combining them with each other. You can only select those chips that are located on the edge and are not covered by other chips. As the table clears, the lower chips will be released and take part in the game process.
To help the player, there are hint buttons on the left side of the screen:
• “Cancel”. Returns the last removed pair of tiles back to the board.
• “Shuffle”. Swaps the remaining tiles on the board.
• “Magnifier”. Indicates an available pair of tiles.
• “Happy Amulet”. Highlights all free tiles on the board for 30 seconds.
With such an arsenal, combined with your abilities, it will not be difficult to complete the quest. But don’t relax ahead of time! After all, each subsequent level is more difficult than the previous one!
Good game!