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Mahjong Flower Dimensions

Mahjong Flower Dimensions

Flower Dimensions is an addicting online game suitable for adults and children. The puzzle is dedicated to the theme of a garden and beautiful flowers, so it will impress connoisseurs of beauty.

Connect pairs of identical cubes and try to score as many points as possible. After all, for points you can buy hints that will help you pass the most difficult levels.

Mahjong Flower Dimensions is a 3D puzzle game with colourful flowers and gardening items. Stack identical tiles and get points on your score.

Rules of the game

The player must clear the board of all elements within the time set on the timer. Cubes with flowers and gardening tools are located in a number of levels. To view all the elements, click on the construction and swipe to scroll through it. You can only select blocks that have two sides open. If a pair is selected correctly, it will disappear and the player will have access to the next elements.


If the player manages to collect all pairs of cubes within the set time, the participant receives additional points to the score. Hints are available if the player is unable to find the available moves. Shuffle the tiles by clicking on the two-arrow icon. The number of tiles will not change, only their location. Highlight an available move by clicking on the question mark.

P.S. The pyramid of cubes rotates left and right. Have a nice and productive game!