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Mahjong Towers 2

Mahjong Towers 2 is one of the best 3D representatives of online games of the genre “three in a row”, which will turn your head in the literal sense of the word and will definitely not get bored! Come on in and check it out for yourself!

How to play

Turning the tower in different directions, shoot at the multi-colored balls stuck around it with your balls. A group of three or more balls of the same color will automatically explode and disappear. You need to shoot at a pace, because the balls go down lower and lower. If they get to the red line, the level will end in failure.
 There is a bonus option in the lower right corner – a fireball. It takes two minutes to recharge, so only use it as a last resort. The ball explodes balls, clearing the playing space and helping to complete the level.
 Launch Mahjong Towers 2 now and enjoy 3D graphics, vibrant designs and high-quality backgrounds.
And don’t worry about dizziness – you will quickly get used to it!