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Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes

Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes

Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes is one of the variations of the cult Mahjong game, presented in 3D format. This unusual puzzle breaks all stereotypes: forget everything you knew about traditional Mahjong! Everything is completely different here!

How to play Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes

The only thing that remains the same is the goal of the game. You need to find two identical elements and connect them to each other so that the formed pair is automatically removed from the field.

Instead of classic layouts and tiles with hieroglyphs applied to them, in the game you will find different geometric shapes formed from cubes with modern symbols applied to them.

The figures are three-dimensional and they can be rotated in space. From the tips – only the β€œshuffle” button, which shuffles all the cubes among themselves, opening new combinations.

You have about 15 minutes to complete each level!

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