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Mahjong Dark Dimensions triple time

Mahjong Dark Dimensions triple time

Mahjong Dark Dimensions triple time is a logical three-dimensional mindfulness game that draws you into its unusual volumetric atmosphere from the first seconds of immersion. The puzzle is based on the traditional Chinese Mahjong solitaire, adapted to modern trends.

How to play Mahjong Dark Dimensions triple time

Here is a 3D cube made of numerous cubes with various symbols depicted on them.
The main task is to find identical cubes, connect them to each other so that they disappear. The structure itself is movable and can be rotated left and right.

Please note: you can only select free cubes that are not blocked by other parts on at least one side. As you progress through the game and remove one-pair elements, access to the chips locked inside the cube will open.

So, step by step, and not forgetting to look at the indicator that counts down the time, you must disassemble the entire cube and go through the level to open the next round.


In this version of the game you have thrice as much more time (as much as 6 minutes!) to solve the puzzle!

At the beginning of the game I would advise you to look for paired tiles right away, and not to rotate the whole cube. This way you can reduce the time to solve by about 30%! For what you will get more points.

Good game!