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Mahjong Dark Dimensions more time

Mahjong Dark Dimensions more time (triple time) is an exclusive “volumetric” version of the classic Mahjong solitaire that will appeal to both beginners and experienced players.
The game has many innovations that make the gameplay even more fun and interesting. Really hard to come off!

How to play

This is a 3D cube. It consists of ten cubes with different symbols. Your task is to disassemble the cube completely so that not a single detail remains on the field. To do this, connect identical cubes with each other and remove them from the large cube. A certain time is allotted for each level. But you can increase the amount. To add more minutes to yourself, free the cubes from the middle of the structure, on which the time is written. Just do it as quickly as possible: on bonus dice, the time is also slowly decreasing. Hurry up to pick it up for yourself before it ends.
Have a nice game!