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Mahjong Dimensions 2

Want to know how patient and considerate you are? Then open the online game Mahjong Dimensions 2 and test your skills in the amazing world of Mahjong! You will find three-dimensional graphics, the most difficult levels, where you need to show all your strategist skills to the maximum, and a lot of fun!
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How to play

The goal of the puzzle is to disassemble the cube by combining all the same pieces in pairs. Due to the large size of the cubes, there should be no problems with finding identical symbols. The difficulty will be finding “free” cubes that are not blocked by other cubes on at least one side. Since the cube is represented in 3D graphics, it can be rotated left and right. This can be done in two ways:
• Move the mouse cursor to the middle of the cube, hold down the button and move the figure.
• Use arrows on the left and right side of the screen. They also need to be clicked with the “mouse” button.
Mahjong Dimensions 2 does not need to be downloaded, downloaded to your device and wait for its installation. You can play this amazing puzzle online from any place convenient for you! Just open it in your browser and enjoy the addictive gameplay that immerses you in the unique atmosphere of Mahjong!