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Xmas Mahjong

Xmas Mahjong

Xmas Mahjong is a 3D Christmas Mahjong that will give you a winter mood and remind you of your favorite holiday.
Attentiveness and reaction speed are important in the game. After all, you have to find cubes with the same symbols and connect them to each other. And all this must be done as quickly as possible – after all, the clock at the top of the screen is ticking, reminding you that you cannot relax. Not yet.

When you pass the level – make a wish. And on Christmas it will definitely come true!

Xmas Mahjong is an original 3D puzzle game with a Christmas theme. Collect identical elements and complete all levels of the game.

How to play

A three-sided dice appears on the screen, consisting of smaller elements. The player’s task is to disassemble the cube by clicking on pairs of identical cubes. To do this, the participant can scroll the cube by swiping on the screen or clicking on the A or D keys.

To select two tiles, just click them. Choose only those blocks that are free on the right or left side. Go as fast as possible by keeping track of the timer on the screen.


The faster the player makes moves, the more points they get on their account. Speed allows you to increase the reward several times. Complete as many levels as possible before the time runs out.

The player receives the results at the end of the game. You can compare your score with the record score.