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Neon Mahjong 3d

Neon Mahjong 3d is a gorgeous interpretation of the original Mahjong puzzle, where standard Chinese characters, images of flowers and butterflies are adapted in a modern way and replaced with neon symbols.
The game is available online! Therefore, there is no need to download, download and install anything. Just open it anywhere you like and enjoy the gameplay!

How to play

The goal of the puzzle is to disassemble a volumetric pyramid from cubes. To do this, you need to click with the mouse on the same pictures, after which they will automatically disappear from the structure. You can only select free cubes that are not blocked by others on at least two sides. The pyramid can be twisted left and right. If you have any difficulties, use the “Hint” and “Shuffle” options. The help buttons are not free: points are deducted from the player’s account for each click on them. Therefore, use them only in the most necessary case, otherwise you will go into a minus.