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Mahjong World

Mahjong World

Mahjong World is an incredible 3D Mahjong world that is strikingly different from other versions of this famous puzzle. The rules remain the same – find two identical parts and remove them from the game. But the execution has changed.

Instead of the classic dice with hieroglyphs and symbols, there are now three-dimensional cubes combined into one huge cube. And that’s not all: the three-dimensional cube can be rotated in all directions (even up and down), which makes the gameplay even more fun and intriguing.

Mahjong World is a three-dimensional puzzle game for everyone who is ready to test their spatial thinking and practice their logic and attentiveness. Find the same elements and get the maximum number of points in each level.

How to play Mahjong World

The dice contains a certain number of blocks with different images on all sides. The player can rotate the cube to find the same pictures. To do this, click on the cube, hold it down and swipe in the desired direction. Choose only those elements that are open on both sides. If the pair is chosen correctly, the tiles will disappear. The result of the game is indicated on the scale, which is filled after each successful move.

Bonuses and boosters

A full scale gives the player diamonds. As a reward, the participant receives keys that can be used to open a chest with hints and besters. The magnifying glass icon highlights the available move. Use the hammer to remove the cube. Click on the arrows to shuffle the blocks.

Take apart the entire cube to complete the level. Good luck!