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Mahjong Sweet Connect

Mahjong Sweet Connect

Mahjong Sweet Connect is one of the most delicious Mahjongs, and it is very difficult to pass by. Especially for those with a sweet tooth. Indeed, instead of the classic Chinese symbols and suits, the tiles depict sweets of all colors and tastes.

Pair them with each other and take them off the playing field to complete the level and move on to the next. If you have any difficulties, use the tips located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Mahjong Sweet Connect is a colourful puzzle game with a sweet theme. Enjoy the colourful design and win in each new round.

Rules of the game

The playing board stirs the elements in the form of colourful caramels in rows and columns. The player has to match identical candies by clicking on them. You can choose identical squares that are side by side or those that can be connected by a line with no more than two right angles.

As soon as a pair of caramels of the same type disappears, other elements will move to their place. The player must predict the movement and choose the next pair of tiles.

The game time is limited by the timer. As soon as the time runs out, the participant will need to start the game from the beginning. For each pair of tiles that is completed, 30 points are added to the score. Get a rating and complete all levels of the game.

Additional options

The participant has hints at his disposal. Click on the magnifying glass image and the system will highlight the next move. Two crossed arrows will help you mix all the blocks and get new combinations and free tiles.

There are many candies and cakes in Mahjong Sweet Connect. Eat them all!