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Mahjong Animals Connect Kyodai

Love animals, think and sort? Then you are definitely here! Straight into the online game Mahjong Animals Connect Kyodai! This is a fun version of the classic oriental Mahjong solitaire that the whole world loves and knows!
We are sure – he will win your heart too!

How to play

There are a lot of animals in the game, so your eyes run wild. Therefore, you need to organize them by type and connect them in pairs. At the initial stage of solitaire, you can see the introductory instructions, which clearly show how to do this. There is nothing complicated in the rules. A little concentration, quick wits, sleight of hand and – voila, the menagerie is assembled!
There is no need to download or install anything to run Mahjong Animals Connect Kyodai. Just open the game in your browser and enjoy it anywhere you like right online!