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Mahjong Forest

Mahjong Forest

Mahjong Forest is a popular version of the classic Mahjong game, dedicated to the cutest animals and birds you’ve ever seen. The forest brotherhood hopes very much for the help of the Man, who will find his own mate for each of them. But in order to do this, you need to be very dexterous and fast, because you need to have time to introduce animals and birds closer in the allotted time.

Mahjong Forest is a puzzle game for the youngest players who are ready to practice and test their attentiveness and speed of thinking. Players will be delighted with cute and funny animals.

Find the same elements and pair them up. Identical tiles disappear. Look for identical blocks and free the playing field.

How to play

Open the game and choose a level. There are 100 levels of solitaire available.
Choose only tiles with identical images. Use active tiles in the game, that is, those that have a free right or left side and are not covered by other tiles on top.

Limited time

The game time is limited by the scale on the screen. The speed of solving the puzzle is indicated by the presence of three stars. The longer a participant searches for pairs of identical animal tiles, the fewer stars they have left.
Bonuses and rankings

3 stars bonuses

Collect all pairs and get three stars as bonuses. As soon as the indicator reaches the end, the game is over and you need to start over. You can track your points in the overall game rating.

100 levels

There are as many as 100 levels in Mahjong Forest. Complete them all!