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Flags Mahjong

Flags Mahjong

The board game Mahjong, which came to us from China, is revealed in a new way in the original version in a modern way Flags Mahjong. In this puzzle, the player needs to find identical pairs of pictures with flags of different states depicted on them as quickly as possible and keep within the time allotted for the level.

Flags Mahjong is an original puzzle game similar to Chinese solitaire. The game will appeal to fans of travel and geography. Find identical flags and pair them up.

How to play Flags Mahjong

The player’s task is to free the playing field from blocks with images of flags of different countries. To do this, click on identical tiles in sequence. If the pair is selected correctly, it will disappear.

You need to combine elements with the flags of one country. Choose only tiles that are adjacent and share a common side, or you can draw a line between them with no more than two turns.

Limited time

The time to solve the puzzle is limited by the time on the timer. Each successful move replenishes the scale and adds time.


The player has 6 hints available. Click on the checkbox at the top of the screen and the system will highlight a possible move.