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Free Mahjong

Spend your precious moments of relaxation with benefit with the logic game Free Mahjong. As you replenish your strength in relaxing gameplay, your brain will develop and improve. And along with it, memory, thinking, attentiveness, intelligence and many other skills will improve.
An incredibly rewarding game!

How to play

You will have 10 minutes for each level. During this time, you need to disassemble the alignment of the chips and try to score as many points as possible. Points are given for the speed of creating combinations and for the remaining time if you clear the field before it ends.
Only free chips can be selected. A chip is considered free if it is not blocked from at least two sides by other chips.
All color tokens match each other, regardless of what is depicted on them. This rule also applies to seasons tokens.
At any time during the game, you can use the HINT button in the lower right game screen. This is a hint that will show you where two identical pieces are located.
Good game!