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Mahjong Village

How you sometimes want to return to childhood and find yourself in the village with your grandmother! The online game Mahjong Village provides such an amazing opportunity! Indeed, in this solitaire game you will find a fascinating journey through a virtual village. Caution: the game is nostalgic!

How to play

A tour of the village starts at level 1. There are 20 of them in the game. As you progress, new places open up. To get to the end, you need to walk the entire route.
To do this, connect in pairs with each other identical tiles, which will disappear from the playing field by themselves. As soon as there are no details left on the screen, you can continue your journey and go to the next level.
There are no hints in the game, but there is a “Pause” button, pressing which pauses the gameplay, and a stopwatch, which counts down. The round restarts until you complete the level in the allotted time.
Have a good time!