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Original Mahjong

Original Mahjong

Original Mahjong Solitaire is the best way to test yourself for reaction speed and attentiveness, as well as pump your logic and intelligence. This seemingly uncomplicated game requires meticulous attention to detail. Its goal is to find and remove a pair of tiles with an identical pattern that are not covered by other tiles. A round is considered completed when there are no tiles left on the playing field.

Original Mahjong is a traditional online solitaire game in which you need to remove all the chips from the game. There are blocks with different images on the playing field. The tiles are lined up in a pyramid of several levels.

Rules of the game

To remove all the chips, you need to find identical blocks that are not covered by other elements. Active tiles have an open left or right side. Choose a pair of identical tiles in a row and they will disappear from the board.

There are 36 different configurations of game boards with blocks for the player to choose from. Choose the best shape and improve your skills.


For convenience, free tiles are highlighted. In addition, the player has the opportunity to shuffle all the tiles to open up access to new combinations. To do this, click on the arrows. Use the question mark to get a hint. The circle arrow indicates that you can cancel the previous move.