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Mahjong Shanghai HTML5

Mahjong Shanghai HTML5 is an exciting online connect game that keeps you on your toes from the first to the last seconds. Its peculiarity is that it does not have a time counter, so you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere for a long time, enjoying the fascinating gameplay to the maximum and not being distracted by diminishing seconds.

How to play

The player has a choice of two difficulty levels:
• Shanghai – for adults and experienced players.
• For kids – for children and beginner players.
The goal of the solitaire game is to sort out a layout consisting of chips with hieroglyphs and symbols applied to them. To do this, you need to find each chip its own, identical to it, a pair. The connected chips will be automatically removed from the playing field and open access to the chips blocked under them.
Mahjong Shanghai HTML5 is not a game of speed and skill. A game for your pleasure!
Join all lovers of this unique oriental Mahjong game.